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Curia Builds Successful Businesses

With the dominating brand names of the consulting industry taking over the corporate world, Curia Business Group was formed to disrupt the elitist nature of management consulting and cater to the growing market of entrepreneurs and struggling SME’s


Business Advisory

Our Advisory team come with a wealth of experience covering all facets of business management. Whether you are a new business looking for help with your planning and corporate strategy, or a mature business looking for a revival and new lease of life, a Curia Consultant can help you achieve your business goals.

Asset Management

With Asset Management Portfolio experience of over 10Billion USD our executive management team can offer an unrivalled insight into the latest asset strategies and geo-specific asset planning methodologies to ensure successful management through the full asset cycle of any project.


If you are seeking investment to launch a product or company or an active investor seeking new opportunities then the Curia Business Group Investor Network could be the perfect fit for you. Offering in-depth due diligence studies and investor pre-qualification services we act as the perfect matchmaker for product and investor.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

By 2022 we aim to be the benchmark in business transformation for existing operations and also the go-to firm for all ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking for the perfect catalyst to accelerate their route to market..

Supporting Businesses Of All Sizes

Accommodating all business sizes, experience and levels of maturity, we strive to provide everyone from a new start-up to an established holding company with the right tools to build and sustain a strong and successful business empire.


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CURIA – The Meaning

Throughout 15th Century Europe, before parliament was established the royal families of many countries would form a council of advisors to guide them on all areas of governance and national strategy. This council was made up of the country’s leading businessmen and...

Message From The CEO

As an international investor and entrepreneur, I have a passion in taking companies to new heights, increasing their productivity and ensuring consistent growth and success. An invaluable contributing factor to my career development and business journey, has been the...

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