Business Foundations: 3 P’s that are Alarm Bells for a Restructure

There are many components required to build a strong business base. In a post pandemic economy, the need for restructure and reassessment for growth are more apparent than ever.

As companies grow, there are several alarm bells to look out for that highlight the lack of foundation. In this article we will look at 3 core pillars of Business Foundations – the way we work, the people that work with us and the way we measure success.

Whether your business is growing, shifting strategy, or responding to new trends there are several factors that impact your business and the need for a new approach.


  • High Employee Turnover
  • Lack of employee engagement/ low morale
  • Overstaffing & underutilized employees


  • Outgrown by the current market
  • Decline in Revenue & Profits
  • Lack of infrastructure to support growth


  • Outdated Processes
  • Inefficient workflows
  • Outdated technology

When done timely and strategically organizational restructures can significantly reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve employee engagement and overall profitability.  

Curia consultants have extensive experience in organizational restructure and business transformation. Reach out to us for a consultation if you see any of the above symptoms within in your organization.  

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